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बुधवार, 6 जुलाई 2011

What is a Friend

What is a Friend?A friend isSomeone who cares about you,Someone who likes you just the way you are.A friend isSomeone who does things with you,Someone who keeps your secrets.A friend isSomeone who sometimes gets angry with you,Someone who might hurt your feelings sometimeseven when they don't mean to.A friend isSomeone who comforts you when you're sad,Someone who laughs with you when you're happy.A friend isSomeone who wants to be with you,Someone who enjoys your company.A friend isSomeone you'll remember alwaysEven when they grow up and move away.A friend isSomeone who is loyal and says good things about you,Someone who gets mad if someone else is mean to you.A friend isA link to someone's humanity like food for the soul to share,Someone to hold onto when life's follies bring despair.A friend isF-frank, R-righteous, I-intrepid, E-earnest, N-noble, D-decentA friend is a friend—always

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